Log Horizon Episode #24

You know, some say that someone else is pulling strings and make Akihabara into disarray, and some say this “storyteller” isn’t the one behind it.

No matter what they say, I still believe that the “storyteller” is the main perpetrator! But let’s move on to this episode…

As Shiroe and his inner circle are dealing with the crisis, it comes to a point where they can’t comprehend with some of the most absurd incidents happened in Akihabara.

Got a wrong pizza delivery order? Having fake cockroaches at the cake shop? Please, that’ll make everyone angry! This includes Shiroe, a rare sight of the strategist being furious. Oh yes, and he flipped the table!

And so, Shiroe decides to get some help from Soujirou and his West Wind Brigade to sort those ridiculous incidents out.

Oh, and you think Shiroe meeting Soujirou is BL? Nope, they’re just war buddies discussing how to prevent Akihabara into a chaotic city!

BTW, Hiro Shimono isn’t the only one playing characters that are mistaken for gay. One example is Yoshii Akihisa from BakaTest where he’s always being grabbed by Yuuji on the shoulders. Still, Soujirou is okay having a gay member of his guild!

Meanwhile, this pirate has arrive in Akihabara… Unfortunately, this pirate-looking lander named Lord Marves is actually a nobleman from the Westlande region. He looks like Ryuk from Death Note.

However, I can describe him as rude, belittling adventurers and low-class landers alike, and harassing Raynesia just like Nobuyuki Sugou from Sword Art Online. Although Lord Marves is just sniffing Lady Raynesia’s hair, he’s just a lighter version of that goddamn Sugou (other than not allowing mature content).

No, they’re both worst in any way or form! But enough putting more SAO on to this anime ’cause Lord Marves is going down when Krusty destroys him…

Then again, it’s up to Shiroe to intervene and teach this rude nobleman a hard lesson. Still, beating Lord Marves won’t solve this problem as the “storyteller” is on the loose!

Anyways, final episode next week… Prepare the mighty brilliance that is the “villain-in-glasses”!

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