Magical Warfare Episode #10

No, they’re not being homo on this episode… In fact, Kazumi received bad news that his little sister Futaba has taken custody by the Wizard Brace’s Investigation Bureau.

Why is it a bad news? Consider that Kazuma treat Wizard Brace as oppressive and secretly beating those weak magicians, all while letting stronger ones die in battle to protect the elite, the Investigation Bureau might do something nasty to Kazumi’s cute little sister!

In any case, Mui saved Takeshi…

Of course, don’t forget to say thank you to Ena Kisaki and Mui’s brother Tsuganashi. Without them, Mui is a sitting duck, letting Violet-sensei kidnap Takeshi.

Here’s a trivia, Tsuganashi once dated Ena before she becomes a member of an all-female community called “Bishop of the Camelot”. No wonder she dumped him afterwards!

For now, it’s time for Takeshi to get stronger, being trained by her mother and a former magician Youko Nanase. If he can’t get stronger, Takeshi doesn’t have the right to save Kurumi and protect his mother!

Then again, Takeshi might take weeks to get stronger… Only then, he might be too late ’cause Gekkou NTR’d him for good!

Oh yes, it’s two episodes to go and it seems that the plot is advancing way too fast. Now that magician roam over both the living world and the ruined world since Kazuma has awakened.

Unfortunately, they’re not gonna destroy the non-magicians in one fell swoop yet. Maybe in the second season perhaps? Doubt that would happen given that Magical Warfare is being worse as anticipated.

Oh yes, and Kurumi is going to find a way to escape. But for the problem is, she’s disguised as Takeshi right now. That’s not good when Gekkou is patrolling the Trailers’ base of operations!

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