No-Rin Episode #10

Oh shit, isn’t that Genjirou from Mister Ajikko? What is he doing here, he should have stayed at his office, doing things like protecting independent restaurants from the Aji Shogun Group!?

Seriously, how did he landed a job as a principal at Tamo Agriculture High School? This is beyond words I can describe!

Anyways, this is just another day at Tamo Agriculture High School…

On the other hand, it seems that SILVER LINK has inserted a subplot where Kei Kamatori has to deal with his soulless father. This guy is responsible for killing Kei’s mother using chemicals, and he’s still using it for his vegetables for more profit!

Damn, is SILVER LINK trying to make us cringe and cry with this subplot? I hope you have your tissues ready if you don’t want someone licking your tears!

In the end, this subplot is finished with Kei defeated against his father… or is it? Then again, I don’t care about his subplot, but now I’m very sad that he’s gone abroad together with Kochou Yoshida. No more Kei Kamatori wearing his hammock everyday. SILVER LINK, you bastards!

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