Wake Up, Girls! Episode #10

Hello WUG! fans, the Idol Festival begins on this episode. And for those who wanted WUG to win since they’re the main protagonists, they’ll have to face countless idol groups from the Tohoku region.

One of the idol groups from the region is the wacky trio “Demons of Oga”. Sure that they’re not wearing their demon masks…

But when they do, they’re acting like some sort of a heavy metal band! Eat your wild heart out, Sawako-sensei!

Also, there was also issues not resolved from Mayu Shimada. While she fully opened her heart to the rest of WUG, there is one thing Mayushi needs in order to move forward. And that’s making peace with her mother, which she was devastated over Mayushi’s fall from grace at I-1 Club.

But after witnessing Mayushi and Wake Up, Girls! at the stage, it seems that she decided to reconcile with her daughter after the show is over.

Well Mrs. Shimada, Mayu has changed and she likes becoming an idol again!

With that, Wake Up, Girls! has moved onto the next stage, getting closer to I-1 Club for a showdown at Tokyo!

Unfortunately, it seems that Hayasaka-san has double-crossed WUG by making a song not only for them, but for the I-1 Club. Damn you Hayasaka, I should have known that you’ll betray them, and now the I-1 Club might sue them because of you!

On the other hand, it seems that the quality is getting worse. I’d doubt that Yamakan would make the final two episodes in time!

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