Buddy Complex Episode #11

SkyKnight and FireBrand… These Valiancers are the predecessors of both Luxon and Braydon, and they’re about to get captured by the Zogilian forces. Maybe, but maybe not?

But anyways, Papa Ryazan and his covert operations team are about to steal both Aoba and Dio’s mecha rides. They succeeded though but unfortunately…

…Papa Ryazan was caught in the crossfire and dying in his wound. Oh, and before he die, Papa Ryazan tell Hina that he’s not her real father.

Oh, what a shocker there Sunrise. You sure make stuff up for more dramatic effect! Then again, it leaves the question of what the hell happened to Hina. Did she revert her age after bringing Aoba to the future? Maybe, but I hope she doesn’t made a clone of herself which is impossible in my opinion.

Anyways, that’s the time Aoba convince Hina to join the Cygnus crew, which is good option since she has nowhere to go. He’s about to succeed on taking Hina away from Bizon…

…before this future yandere asshole decides to stop Aoba’s advances. Heck, as much as I admit, he’s going to get pretty depressed and crazy once being strapped in one of Dr. Hahn’s experimental Valiancers.

Consider that Dr. Hahn is going to be a bastard on the tentative second season, he might invent time-travel after he reverse-engineered Ms. Elvira’s cockpit design.

For now, it’s two episodes to go and Dio and Aoba has no choice but to pilot SkyKnight and FireBrand, respectively. As for Ms. Elvira, she has no other choice but to upgrade those prototypes to take Luxon and Braydon back.

Oh, and if they failed, they can destroy it since SkyKnight and FireBrand might out-match both Luxon and Braydon. Not to mention that Dio and Aoba are getting the hang on those prototypes, other than having headaches while sharing information such as their memories, secrets, etc.

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