Tokyo Ravens Episode #23

Oh look, it’s Suzu telling Tenma that he’s the most pathetic onmyouji that he’s forever a virgin, never get married ever unless Tenma do something so daring that he might save his reputation…

…and that’s breaking the seal of the Raven’s Coat, undetected ’cause he’s weak and not having the presence. Good job Tenma, but we still rub you with salt ’cause you’re pathetic!

In any case, it’s time for Harutora to get out of his cell and revive his childhood friend.

But first, let’s see how Jin fares up with Reiji… Or rather, let’s see how Mr. Ootomo defy physics by surfing through Kagami’s blood-colored wave of doom!

Well Kagami, seems that he beat you by a large margin. Handicapped be damned!

Oh, and Jin blinded him ’cause wearing shades indoors is not cool. Stay salty, Reiji!

Meanwhile, Kyouko is having an out-of-body experience after saving Hurrtora. While floating around in her birthday suit, Kyouko can see stars in relation to human spirit and its surroundings.

Yes, she’s doing astrology, but it makes it very trippy to perform this stunt. But thanks to Kyouko’s astral experience, she finally locate Natsume’s soul… and she’s perfectly fine that Natsume didn’t disappear.

Then again, she’s a bit on acid when finding Natsume. Heck, Kyouko is somewhat awake, keeping her soul attached to her body for a short period of time before coming back to her senses.

But that’s Episode 23. Tune in for the last episode as Harutora attempts to revive Natsume on his own, all while his friends are protecting him from the likes of Shidou, Chief Kurahashi, and some other nuisance from the Onmyouji Agency.

It’s all or nothing for next week!

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