Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren Episode #11

Well Yuuta, good thing you give Rikka a shelter so she wouldn’t catch a cold!

But then again, she got a fever afterwards… Worst. Boyfriend. Ever! And now, let’s move on to this episode!

So, with Satone being confused with her magical devil girl identity now that she lost the battle last week, she decided to pay a visit with Mori Summer for consultation. Then again, Shinka is just acting ’cause Sophie can’t get the pain out of her chest… Y’know, love!

Thanks to Mori Summer’s words of wisdom, Sophia has returned to battle. Only this time, it’s not gonna fight against herself…

…but rather, she fight against a black dragon. Yes, the Dark Flame Dragon summoned by none other than the Dark Flame Master himself.

Wait, it doesn’t make sense! It’s so 8th Grade-ish, yet it doesn’t match up to her love issues with Yuuta. Other than that, it seems that KyoAni crank up the spectacular display of effects on this episode.

So with that in mind, Satone manage to confront with the Dark Flame Dragon. Although the results to that battle is too ambiguous, I think that it doesn’t matter anymore ’cause I believe that Satone lost the fight for love with Yuuta. And that was last week.

But anyways, Shichimiya went off with a bang… But damn, this episode lost me. I guess making a love triangle between “fourteen-sick” characters is a bad idea!

As for Rikka and Yuuta, they’re still hanging out as lovers. Then again, it seems that the Dark Flame Master has to be strict with the Wicked Eye ’cause they didn’t finish their summer homework.

At least they didn’t go to an “endless recursion of time” like in Endless Eight. Such fun memories to share from 5 years ago, Kyoto Animation! Now then, on to the final episode…

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  1. bunny1ov3r says:

    After this episode, I am seriously seeing Yuuta as the son of Lelouch and C.C. Cuz you know, his hair becomes green and his voice and gestures…

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