Golden Time Episode #23

Oh look, someone is trying to get Banri’s cherry at the last minute! Way to go Nana-sempai, although the truth is that you want to just sleep with him instead of dropping his pants off!

All right, it’s the penultimate episode of Golden Time. I have to say that while last week was great with all the drama and stuff, this week feels like in limbo…

First of all, Banri’s condition hits the tipping point that he no longer remembers the present. Thus, with his past memories returned, Banri decides to move out and return to his hometown.

I have to say that this is pretty much over for him! Oh, and it’s hopeless to date Linda anyway. In fact, she’s more of a big sister than a potential love interest at the beginning.

For Kouko, it seems that she didn’t disappeared as planned. But now, she realized that Kouko can’t live without Banri at her side. Well Kouko, you regret on burning bridges with Banri and now he’ll be gone after this episode!

As for Mitsuo, he decides to stay as friends with Banri even though he learned about his friend’s mental condition.

Hmm, that’s disappointing for him to just say “Hey Banri, let’s be friends forever no matter what happens!” before leaving. But hey, it oozes with bromance when Mitsuo is having a tear-jerking moment with Banri!

In fact, 2D-kun, Oka-chan and everyone else wanted to treasure Banri as long as they can until the last moment. But with that, it’s all over for Banri Tada. It’s a gut-wrenching moment that the current Banri has disappeared with a smile on his face, now being replaced with the old one. I have to say “Damn you Ghost Banri, are you happy now that his past returned? But you won’t get Linda ever, understand!?” and the like.

Ugh, I’m done with Ghost Banri. Of course, it’s the end yet ’cause Golden Time will have the last episode next week. Better hope that you have tissues ready ’cause Kouko is somehow decided to tail him all the way to Shizuoka! Seriously Kouko, your stalking habits never change!

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