Kill La Kill Episode #23

Oh look, it’s Mako-chan wearing her old Goku Uniform from Episode 7, and she’s ready to fight against the Life Fibers.

And you’re thinking right now is that she’s the only one having her Goku Uniform, huh?

Well, there’s great news ’cause the Elite Four, as well as countless club presidents that Ryuko defeated on the first half, have returned with their Goku Uniforms.

It’s all stitched and patched up stronger than before by the resident sewing genius Shirou Iori. In any case, that’s how they protected the Naked Sol ship from sinking!

So, it’s time for the final battle as Satsuki, Ryuko, and the rest of Nudist Beach are trying their hardest to stop Ragyo’s plans from assimilating humanity, all while staying alive!

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to defeat Ragyo and her ultimate baby called the Original Life Fiber. In fact, she can parry both Satsuki’s Bakuzan and Ryuko’s Scissor Blade without a sweat. And top it all of that, Ragyo cut Ryuko like a scissor from top to bottom. Way to go on separating your daughter’s halves with a shear, bad mother!

At this point, there’s no hope for stopping Ragyo and her quest for assimilation. So, this is the abrupt end for Kill La Kill, right?

Not a chance there as Ryuko shows that human willpower can overcome everything. Thus, she tricked Ragyo and destroyed the core with the help of Mako-chan and friends.

I guess this episode (or the whole series) give us a lesson that you can overcome everything as long as you never give up. Sorry Ragyo, but humanity and their iron will cannot be beaten easily!

Of course, it’s not yet over as Ragyo returns to finish them off with her final weapon in the form of her custom garment called Shinra-Koketsu. BTW, don’t you even think that Nui, having lost both arms last week, will hamper its quality after applying her finishing touches with her mouth!

And thus, it’s time for the final episode of Kill La Kill next week. In the words of Dai-Gurren “Who the hell do you think we are!”

See you around Ragyo… I hope your clothing might save your ass once your daughters beat you down!

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