Magical Warfare Episode #11

Run Kurumi as fast as you can! Even though you can disguise yourself as someone else…

…Gekkou will find you, and he’s going to rape you! Honestly Gekkou, you’ll be killed right now when Accelerator comes in and make your guts explode! Y’know, like what he did to the MISAKA sisters before Touma punched him for justice. That’s what you’ll get at, you Seiji Noumi wannabe!

In any case, this is the penultimate episode of Magical Warfare. And while Takeshi is finishing up his training with Mrs. Nanase, she’s about to tell her eldest son the truth regarding Gekkou’s accident before she decides to back out due to her failing health.

For crying out loud Youko, just tell him already so that Takeshi can save both his brother and Kurumi!

But then, Takeshi decides to ask Kazumi and Mui for help, charge into the Trailers’ base and save Isoshima all while trying to figure it out how to stop Gekkou.

You know what Takeshi, all that training you’ve worked with your mom will gone to waste if you don’t have a plan! But hey, Takeshi is stronger now and he can beat those two Trailer lackeys from Ep. 1 without a sweat.

Come to think of it, Oigami-kun and his partner named Hotaru Kumagai managed to help Kurumi on escaping the castle, but then again they failed to check on her ’cause the Trailers’ base is a giant maze that changes its layout EVERY HOUR! That is why Takeshi and his two allies beat them, so no hard feelings for Takao and Hotaru.

Anyway, on to the final episode. And BTW, Futaba won’t be coming back ever next week. Sorry Kazumi…

Oh yes, I forgot about Kazuma. He’s the leader of the Ghost Trailers so that means he can do something important! Then again, he’s irrelevant even though Kazuma told Kurumi about the truth behind the conflict. Sorry Kazuma…

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