Log Horizon Episode #25

Oh look, it’s Michitaka from the Marine Agency! It seems that Shiroe is not alone when confronting Lord Marves…

And not just Michitaka, but Krusty came to save his princess! As expected from the Round Table Conference, seems that Lord Marves can’t throw shit and trash-talk at them anymore!

Remember your lesson not to mess with Akihabara, especially the Round Table Conference. Oh yeah, and don’t try to backstab Shiroe, okay!

Now that Lord Marves has been taken care of, it’s time to find that fuckin’ storyteller!

Oh, and there she is… in the flesh, without her guards! Her name is Dariella, and she’s a lander like everyone else. Unfortunately, this lander isn’t a lander after all. What to know why?

It’s all because Shiroe saw her true form. The kicker… This lander is actually an adventurer named Nureha. She’s portrayed as a counterpart to Shiroe, down to her class as an Enchanter. Like Shiroe, she befriended and influenced nobles like Lord Marves, which is then proceeded to control Minami with unconventional means like buying cathedrals and other important buildings. In short, Nureha is the boss from the west and all adventurers and landers are at their mercy of her rule.

But what sets them apart is that while Shiroe is successful in both real-life and in-game since he’s the strategist, Nureha is a plain girl in both world (or so it seems unless you see her worst fate in the novels)… until the Apocalypse happened in Elder Tale. And also, she’s more deceptive and she’s trying to join him to her side and rule Minami together.

But alas, Shiroe declined her offer by bitch-slapping her to the face. You know what to expect, Nureha is the next threat he and his guild will face in the future. They’ll get you, Nureha! Just wait…

And that’s how the crisis in Akihabara ended. The Libra Festival ended with a spectacle, and everyone fell a sigh of relief! Yeah, this includes Princess Raynesia, which is now being glomped by Marielle!

As for Shiroe, looks like he’s planning to leave Akihabara and set foot to Minami together with his companions at Log Horizon. For now, they’ll just enjoy the moment while it lasts…

BTW, for those who are itching for another season, look out for next fall ’cause Log Horizon will return!

Although the author said that the novel series is not yet finished since Mr. Mamare Touno is planning for the novel series to have 15 volumes. Likewise, I’m worried that the second season might stretch a bit since the 7th volume was released back in December 2013, so I want Season 2 to have 12 or 13 episodes.

And also, expect more arguments from Sword Art Online for 2014 Anime Season since they’re coming back in summer, adapting Gun Gale Online. Although, there’s no plan for A-1 Pictures to adapt Mother’s Rosario, so you’ll get the Phantom Bullet arc only.

Anyways, that would be it for the first season of Log Horizon! All I can say is that despite being lighter and softer than SAO (since NHK made it clean) as well as having few flaws, Mamare Touno and Satelight prove everyone that this series is better in terms of the story flow, as well as world-building that explained in an understandable and direct manner, like how Elder Tale works before and after the Apocalypse and other things related to MMORPG. Heck, I might take this series as the best, if not the all-time best, in 2013 Anime Season.

In any case, I’ll see Shiroe and his mates back next fall. Thank you Satelight and Mamare Touno!

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