Wake Up, Girls! Episode #11

“Hi girls! I know that your song got stolen by I-1 Club…”

“…so I decided to make a song based on the second opening!”

And thus, “7 Girls War” is born on this episode. But what do you think, is the second opening better than “Tachiagare!” or not? You decide…

As I said earlier, Hayasaka has decided to make a song that fitting for Wake Up, Girls! They’re pumped up and ready to become the best idol in Japan, as well as the eventual rival to the I-1 Club… until Yoppi the leader got a sprain after tripping from loose wiring.

Yeah, it’s a big blow for WUG when that happens especially Yoshino Nanase. Well, that’s a bitch to handle ’cause you’re nervous!

As for the I-1 Club, they’ll have to wait for the winner on the last episode, but I won’t guarantee you that next week will have an idol showdown after the winner is crowned the best of the best!

Blame Yamakan when that happens…

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