No-Rin Episode #11

Well, it seems that Kei is gone and so was Kochou…

But hey, at least there’s Kousaku and Minori getting married. Wait, getting married!? That’s so soon, what if Minori raped Kousaku and have a baby! Even Ringo doesn’t approve of it!

But yes, Kousaku is back to his hometown… to see Minori’s family!

Meanwhile, it looks like SILVER LINK has inserted one of the sub-plots for No-Rin… But the difference between the previous one is that it involves Kousaku and it’s good, yet cruel at the same time.

The fact that he lost his mother while father left him is so depressing, not to mention that his family has a massive debt to pay. Reminds me of Komaba when he has no choice but to work at the farms because of financial trouble.

Despite being short (it’s more like an addition to Kousaku’s backstory in my opinion), this one is better than having daddy issues like Kei.

And that’s it for Ep. 11! I guess it’s time for Kousaku and Ringo to enjoy their summer while it lasts together with Minori and her family. But next time Minori, don’t try to pull a pregnancy joke… It’s bad!

Oh yes, I forgot that there’s another plot regarding Minori’s big sister on how to attract young guys and girls into the world of farming at Aioi, Kousaku and Minori’s hometown. Then again, it seems that SILVER LINK won’t continue that!

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