Strike the Blood Episode #23

Yukina, I’ll give you a thumbs up for making a wonderful failure! And now, this episode and the last one after that will become the final arc for the first season… unless SILVER LINK announces another season!

Then again, it’s unlikely to have StB gaining Season 2.

Anyways, this arc is somewhat special ’cause it’s making another Terminator reference… Yes, this Yukina clone, voiced by Kana Asumi, is sent from the future to kill someone!

Then again, this Yukina clone is not acting like an assassin as expected. In fact, she’s clumsy and awkward.

Oh yes, and this is the only time that Yaze, Kojou’s male friend, appeared on my coverage of Strike the Blood. Regarding this Yukina clone, now you know that’s she is a klutz…

But do you know that she’s also a vampire, wielding an altered version of Schneewalzer that transforms into a serpent-like familiar. And surprisingly, she’s helping both Yukina and Kojou, something that the Terminator would do in T2: Judgment Day.

Moving on, I have a theory that she was conceived using both Yukina and Kojou’s DNA. But then again, I haven’t seen the future yet. But enough about the Yukina clone since she’s being taken care of by Natsuki-chan, let’s talk about the real Yukina…

And there she is, although it seems that her holy spear Schneewalzer is shattered beyond repair. Not only that, Yukina was ordered to return to the forest ’cause she became weaker, not to mention that Yukina didn’t take care of her spear in good condition.

Looks like it’s gonna be a drama storm on the last episode! And BTW, that black dragon they were attacking? It’s belong to Dimitrie Vatler so blame him for not controlling his familiars properly, let alone stopping an unknown entity from making his familiars crazy!

And lastly, seems that Asagi is a-okay on this episode, but it doesn’t explain why she was saved after what happened in Episode 22!

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  1. bunny1ov3r says:

    Why shouldn’t she be Yukina and Kojou’s daughter?

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