Saki: Zenkoku-hen Episode #11

Kasumi Iwato is coming to get you!

After seeing Toyone chasing everyone, it’s time for Kasumi of Eisui to dismantle Miyamori’s winning run in the second half of the fifth players’ match, putting her team back to first place.

Oh yes, and Kasumi unleashed hell with her clothes on. Being naked on the other hand… That’s another story to tell!

Then again, it doesn’t stop Saki on unleashing hell on everyone. Rinshan kaihou at its finest!

Look at how Kyouko, Toyone, and Kasumi reacted when they got tanoshii’d by Saki. They sure didn’t expect this to happen! Let’s see if Saki can hold them out until Kiyosumi qualifies for the next round…

For now, I’ll be itching to wait for the next episode!

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