Tokyo Ravens Episode #24

Oh look, it’s Chief Amami and he’s safe and sound, but he can’t fight because he’s old and injured at this time.

But anyway, final episode where Harutora is about to revive Natsume in the nick of time. Yeah!

Unfortunately, he has to face one obstacle… Which is why, Reiji Kagami returned to kill both Kon and Harutore, and use them as bait to lure Jin Ootomo out!

Oh yes, and he revive Shaver which means it’s double the douchebaggery against both of them…

Unless, Kon evolves into her awakened form named Hishamaru, who happened to be Yakou’s longtime servant in the past.

And yes, she pretty much pushed Reiji down with her storm of loyalty… in the form of her laser arrow! Good job, but you forgot that there’s Shaver around.

Luckily, there’s Suzu’s lackey named Kakugyouki, fending off Shaver and throwing him away from Harutora.

That’s the only time I can show him on this blog. But, Kakugyouki’s appearance goes as far as Ep. 6, being ambiguous regarding to his allegiance at that time.

But anyways, this is the end of Tokyo Ravens. Hurrtora got an eyepatch thanks to Reiji blinding him, all while got his girl back without resistance from Takiko and her pallbearers. Afterwards, he attempt to revive Natsume.

Nevertheless, the Onmyouji Agency forget it what happened and got away scott-free. Fuck you Chief Kurahashi and your cohorts!

Lastly, although they have their heartwarming moment after the credits roll, it seems that his attempt is slightly ambiguous but I think he failed the ritual.

So I guess that he’s not yet powerful enough to revive Natsume yet. I still hate Harutora for letting his first kiss stolen by Suzuka, but at least he’s being wiser at this point.

In any case, that’s the end of Tokyo Ravens. While I like some of the supporting characters like Jin Ootomo and such, I don’t like how the story progresses with unresolved issues and an ending that screams “We give you second season if you buy our BDs!” that would not happen anytime soon, considering that 8-Bit adapted 9 out of 10 volumes so far and there’s not enough materials to make another season next fall or maybe in 2015.

But anyways, it’s time to say goodbye to Harutora as he walks into the sunset… That’s it, no “I wanna get stronger to save Natsume for real!” and the like, he goes to the sunset like a wanderer!

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