Seitokai Yakuindomo* Episode #12

So, it’s one episode to go and I’ll be missing Shino-chan and the rest of Ousai Academy. It’s been a wild ride, but let’s get on with this…

…by making Kotomi as a stripper-in-training! You know what Takatoshi, just keep your money instead of giving your sister some dosh for unnecessary things!

Anyways, the new year brings you another Valentine’s Day. And while GoHands have done it before, it seems that they forgot about Shino-chan and Aria regarding their graduation. Oh well, it’s not like the author doesn’t care about time!

Moving on to the plot as Tsuda-kun is becoming more popular with the girls (expect for that glasses dude named Kenji). BTW, don’t try to accept Nene’s gift… it might contain a dildo-shaped chocolate to put it on your ass and shit with it, just like a real poop!

However, another problem arises when Tsuda-kun is being infatuated with someone else…

…and that girl was none other than Uomi-san, Takatoshi’s current cousin and Shino’s ally in the war for prosperity and perversion!

Well GoHands, it seems that you’re putting a dramatic twist on this comedy series. Way to pull some yandere on Shino-chan, Mutsumi, and Suzu for the last episode… maybe!

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