Kill La Kill Episode #24

This is the first and last time Shirou Iori (the one with the clear gasmask) will be seen here on this blog. Of course, he’s relegated to a medic as he’s responsible for patching the soldiers up to full condition.

Then again, it would be useless as Ragyo demonstrates her latest battle garment called Shinra-Koketsu do. She inflicts fear and submits all clothing to herself against their will. Oh yes, and Nui got both of her arms back!

In any case, all Goku Uniforms are rendered useless. This includes Senketsu, but he didn’t get brainwashed like everyone else.

Still, it’s sucks that you lost your power where you needed the most….

Especially when confronting Nui Harime. Crazy and depraved over her humiliating loss, she kills Gamagoori first. But don’t worry, he’ll live later once Ryuko got the upper hand.

In any case, they won’t give up easily. As I said it last week, human willpower will overcome obstacles. And in the case of Ryuko and Senketsu, they can overcome obstacles while being together as one.

Anyways, Ryuko and Satsuki finally stopped Ragyo accomplishing her plans. Unfortunately, she has a backup plan…

In fact, she absorbed both Hououmaru and Nui (as seen here, being an abomination) to her body, which is then turned into a rocket and finish her plan on turning Earth into a fuel for Life Fibers.

BTW, looking at Nui’s face makes me want to punch it!

But, there’s some hope for humanity as Ryugo evolves Senketsu into the Kisaragi form, absorbing all of the Life Fibers from Satsuki’s Junketsu and several Goku Uniforms. It also turned them into naked people, but they won’t do an orgy while Ryuko is fighting her mother.

And what follows is an epic battle of hamminess and hot-blooded wits between a mother and a daughter. In the end, Ryuko and Senketsu prevailed over Ragyo’s ambition, and thus saving the world from assimilation.

They’re neither clothing nor human, but their willpower and friendship overcome them all!

For Ragyo, she accept defeat but she gave her daughter a warning that the Life Fibers will return to Earth. It would be nice if she turn to a new leaf or just let Ryuko kill her. But no, she crushed her heart and disappear into fibers!

And as for Senketsu, it seems that he’ll sacrifice his live to save Ryuko ’cause he doesn’t want her burned in the atmosphere. In fact, Senketsu wants Ryuko to wear other clothing aside from him, but he will not see the light of the day.

But anyways, it’s the end of Kill La Kill. It was the first anime from Studio Trigger which composes of the staff from Gurren Lagann, has finally achieved a successful series from the hype of the fans.

Sure that the series went off with a bang, but it’ll sure become a classic for future generations with its over-the-top, retro-inspired action and visual effects.

And with that, it’s time for Ryuko to say good-bye… On the other hand, it seems that it’s becoming a threesome with Mako and Satsuki at her side. All I can say is way to go, Ryuko!

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