Magical Warfare Episode #12

Oh look, it’s Gekkou and he’s at the Nanase residence where he decide to kill his own mother. He succeeds…

…and he finally took control of the Twilight sword. Fuck you Gekkou, just die!

So yes, it’s time for a duel between brothers. Oh, and if you’re thinking that Takeshi is slightly-handicapped… You’re wrong!

In fact, he uses a magical spell called Crisis Edge to turn an ordinary sword into a magical one. Oh yes, and Takeshi is slightly gaining the edge on Gekkou, get it? Okay, he’s beating the crap out Gekkou…

But that was followed by Takeshi lowering his guard just to give Gekkou the sucker punch. He’s about to kill his elder brother when Kurumi shows up to stop both of them, but end up being stabbed.

At this point, it’s officially reached the tipping point of mediocrity where Takeshi decides to kill Gekkou once and for all!

And so, Takeshi and Gekkou continued fighting until the living world begins to fall apart. Director Momoko Shijou decided to transport them to the past where they continue their battle until one of them dies. The end!

Yes, that’s the ending of Magical Warfare. It’s confusing and you’ll probably have a bad taste in your mouth ’cause this show won’t be having another season.

Speaking of the ending, there are some things that you’ll get migraine when thinking of it. One, it was revealed that Youko planned to kill Gekkou so he won’t become the next Kazuma. Unfortunately, it was a failure and that’s how Gekkou became an asshole of his former self.

Two, it seems that Takeshi is suspected to become the next Kazuma as well since the leader of the Trailers called Youko his mother, while having a picture of Kurumi Isoshima at his hand. Likewise, it seems that Momoko, Kippei and the rest involved on the conflict know it beforehand, but they can’t tell both of the Nanase brothers in fear that it might escalated quickly. Too bad that it was too late, so Director Shijou sends them both in the past.

But that’s Magical Warfare… It had potential, but Madhouse fuck it up towards the end. Don’t pray that this series will have another season ’cause it won’t work!

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3 Responses to Magical Warfare Episode #12

  1. ginobi47 says:

    Magical Warfare has only 3 things that gives me a reason watch it
    1. The ending song. It’s sad to say that the ending song is more awesome than the rest of the episode.

    2. The Art. Them girls are hawt. Plain and simple

    3. Magical Warfare is consistent. Whenever I see a new episode, I know without a shadow of a doubt that it will suck big time, thus there is no need for me to be disappointed with any sudden drop of quality. True enough, Magical Warfare has consistently sucked for 12 episodes.

    • benigmatica says:

      What are you talking about? Consistency?

      Look, you don’t need to expect Magical Warfare to become worst. It was worst to begin with.

      • ginobi47 says:

        In most cases, I normally assume that any Light Novel/ Visual Novel/ Manga that gets animated has enough moxy, or whatever you call it, to entertain its viewers and rake in the money for the producers.

        In episode 1, I actually had moderate hopes that Magical Warfare Anime had more entertainment value compared to it’s manga counterpart (which sucked balls and lolipops). With such high level of art work, I couldnt really help but hope a little despite setting my bar increadibly low.

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