No-Rin Episode #12

This is Minori’s elder sister Tsukasa, who is setting up a mixer for young couples… in a rural area.

And also, she’s the one who set Kousaku up for marrying Minoppio! Well, at least he can have someone in the future…

…unlike a certain Becky who is forever single! But anyways, it’s the last episode of No-Rin where Kousaku will marry a “pregnant” Minori for the sake of their village.

Where’s your “Yuka Kusa- I mean, Ringo Kinoshita IS GOD(dess)!” and the like? Are you going to give up and wed Minoppio!?

Then again, it seems that nobody like the idea of having Minori taking Kou-tan by herself. Now that Akina and Takumi ruined their false wedding (Initial D references, anyone), looks like everyone is angry about this farce!

But then, Kousaku stepped up and apologize to the rowdy crowd. He also said that he hated the countryside because of his parents which lead to getting bankrupted, and he’s almost fed up with it until he saw Yuka Kusakabe.

Kousaku thanked Yuka-tan for having the reason to like the countryside, and convinced the crowd not to hate his hometown. What a nice apology from you, Kousaku.

But you know what, even though I like how you tell what your true feeling is, I don’t like how you tell both Minori and Ringo to be his wings! God, what a fuckin’ asshole he was!

“You’re both my wings!”, my ass! You’re in the same vein as Alto Saotome from Macross Frontier… Of course, Alto finally loved Sheryl Nome in the end (for the movies, that is), you just reverted back to status quo and that’s why you got punched!

In any case, No-Rin is finally over! I like the comedy, the references, as well the fanservice (except for Becky-sensei) done surprisingly well for those who like watching C³, BakaTest, and WataMote. I wish SILVER LINK would continue doing that art style!

However, there are some things I don’t like such as Episode 10 (Damn you Kei’s dad!) and how Kousaku is being oblivious where he supposed to love a former idol instead of a childhood friend.

And speaking of a certain former idol, what will happen to Ringo? Will a rowdy fan or the agency forces her to return to the idol business? Who knows… But that’s No-Rin, an idol anime mixed with agriculture!

One last thing, if you’re thinking that this suspicious-looking character is A CHAR? You’re wrong ’cause that’s Kei hiding in that Quattro Bajeena disguise.

Oh yes, he’s back as well as Kochou. Then again, they’re just making a cameo appearance on this last episode. Anyways, good-bye Kousaku and the gang!

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