Wake Up, Girls! Episode #12

Well, it’s sucks that Yoppi can’t perform with a leg sprain. I guess it’s time to pull out instead of performing with one less member.

However, it seems that Shino and the I-1 Club won’t allow them to quit so she brought medics to help. How thoughtful, but then again they won’t lose to a small idol group from Sendai.

So, it’s time for the Idol Festival finals where one winner will have the right to face the mighty I-1 Club! Despite Yoppi getting a sprain, she manage to pull through the end together with her mates.

And regarding their performance, they surprised the audience that they’re chanting their name instead of being clouded with doubt since Mayushi is with the group.

Heck, even Shiraki can’t believe that the audience are chanting “Wake Up, Girls!” with excitement. Unfortunately, despite their performance, WUG lost to an unknown idol group from Gunma prefecture. I have to say that it was a shocker! Heck, even Hayasaka-san can’t believe their loss!

They could be the number one challenger against the I-1 Club, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe Shiraki pressured the judges so they could not pick WUG as the winner. He believes that they’re too strong or too scared to fight them head-on. You’ll be the judge by then…

Afterwards, I-1 Club demolished the idol group from Gunma prefecture and they were never heard ever since.

As for WUG, they got lucky that they were signed by a major record label! But then again, that’s a different story to tell. In any case, it’s the end of Wake Up, Girls!

It’s surprisingly good in terms of telling the lives of the eponymous group, but the anime is bad in terms of animation quality. Despite having Tatsunoko and Avex (or Bvex, get it?) on their side, it seems that it doesn’t help alleviate the production issues.

And as far as the anime goes, it might not have another season. I have a feeling that Director Yamakan doesn’t plan to have WUG moving forward as he made this anime for the victims of the March 11 disaster, as well as being a critical look at the idol industry which might scare away most of the idol fans.

But anyways, it’s time for those girls to bow out with a smile. We might not know what happen afterwards, but I hope that the real idol group will have a better career!

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