Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #12

Hey guys and girls, let’s hold a tea ceremony with Gaius Julius Caesar, courtesy of Nobunaga…

…and Ichihime. By the way Caesar, hands-off on Ichihime during the ceremony!

So anyways, the ceremony has begun. If you remember from my previous post mentioning King Arthur, you’ll be surprised that he is a Savior-King, as told by Caesar. What it means for later episodes is that both Nobunaga and King Arthur will have to fight each other for the throne as the true Savior-King.

Oh yes, and he proposes a temporary alliance with the Oda clan in exchange for Lady Ichihime, which she gladly accepts so long as he doesn’t do dastardly deed behind their back. If he does, Ichihime will do her best to end his life in exchange of her own.

Yes, it’s a good proposal despite its risks. Even though they accept Caesar’s offer, a certain Mitsuhide doesn’t like it. I have to admit it but this guy, who admired Ichihime so much, got slightly NTR’d by Caesar.

Really Mr. Sakurai, you sure brought Bizon from Buddy Complex to this anime series. What’s next, getting crazy that you want to kill Caesar!? Ohh, that’s gonna be nasty!

Anyways, the first half is over. Now the fun really starts with the second half as the Star of the West is knocking on the Star of the East’s doorsteps… Oh yes, and I’ll be looking forward for JAM Project performing the opening theme next month!

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  1. Rararame says:

    I think that was the least terrible episode since the show started.

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