Saki: Zenkoku-hen Episode #12

So Kyouko Suehara, you sure want your first place back? Don’t focus on beating Saki Miyanaga…

…’cause these two are scrambling to bring you down. With Eisui’s Kasumi and Miyamori’s Toyone down to their respective 3rd and 4th places, you know that they’re in a pinch.

But their hope suddenly went downhill when Saki Miyanaga got a tsumo in the last hand, putting Kiyosumi on top while Himematsu goes on second place. Oh yes, and she ended her play with a plus/minus 0 score.

And that concludes the quarter-finals in the Inter High Mahjong Tournament. Just remember that “Mahjong is tanoshii!”

Of course, Saki needs to be stronger in order to see her sister Teru in the finals. But for now, I think she’s a bit of the clumsy side.

For Himematsu, they survived and advanced to the semis against bigger threats such as Eisui and Miyamori. They sure outmatched them, but they’ll have to toughen up their offense, especially Kyouko Suehara.

You know what, the only thing you can get better is to wear cute clothes!

As for Eisui and Miyamori Girls’ High School, it’s time for them to go home. While Eisui will continue their mahjong tradition with new recruits next year (as well as Komaki and Hatsumi getting ready for the individual tournament), Miyamori’s Cinderella story has ended with all seniors graduating.

But hey, at least they have fun memories, especially Toyone who has all of the autograph signed by Komaki Jindai and Nodoka Haramura! In fact, they’ll go on a beach vacation together so it’s not like they’ll just go home already after the tournament!

In any case, that’s it for Saki: Zenkoku-hen. Join us for the finale next week as Kiyosumi will face new rivals… Then again, they’ll make a cameo appearance as a teaser for the third season.

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