Winter 2013: The end of the rest…

This post is brought you by the Robot Family from Tonari no Seki-kun! But anyways, time to close out three anime series so that we can move on to Spring 2014!

BTW, I’ve started watching Selector Infected WIXOSS at it was good. Then again, I don’t think I’ll blog it.

01. Nagi no Asukara

Let’s start things off with Nagi no Asukara where they ended the series in a mystifying and lovely note. It’s given that the lore between the God of the Sea and the Maiden from the surface is a tragedy in itself, since the maiden lost her loved one from the surface which is then followed by the Sea God taking her emotions away. Hence, the God of the Sea took Manaka’s feelings when she’s awakened and now he’s about to take Miuna’s feelings.

However, thanks to Hii-kun’s strong emotions that the God of the Sea brought Manaka’s feelings back all while saving Miuna from becoming a sacrifice forever. Yes, it is so mystifying. Oh yes, and the relationship between the sea and the surface didn’t just improve, but rather that they become friendly afterwards.

Finally, for the love triangle of NagiAsu… or rather a love heptagon for that matter, it’s resolved at the end of the finale. I have to say that that Hikari dating with Manaka is satisfying. Heck, so was Chisaki/Tsumugu as well as Sayu/Kaname. As for Miuna, even though she lost to Manaka, at least she has someone else to love with. Although I don’t know if she’ll take Kiyoshi’s confession after she rejected him in Ep. 14, but that’s her call.

02. Silver Spoon

Next up is Silver Spoon. Despite having difficulties like seeing his friend Komaba dropping out because of his family farm becoming bankrupt, Yuugo Hachiken grows himself to become a responsible person. Of course, despite standing up to his father that he has changed for the better, he can’t ask Aki Mikage on a date yet despite being helpful to Aki-chan when it comes to studies since she’s going to college.

Oh yes, and Aki-chan’s dad doesn’t like anyone, including Hachiken-kun, laying their hands on his daughter. But hey, at least the series is enjoyable to watch because you’re not gonna learn things when it comes to agriculture, but you’ll see Hachiken-kun and his peers grow into something that satisfy them in the future.

03. Gundam Build Fighters

And let’s end this post with Gundam Build Fighters. As expected, the ending slightly resembles to G Gundam’s conclusion. However, it has some moments on the final episode like a re-match between Sei/Reiji and Yuuki, and the eventual farewell by the Arian Prince himself.

It was a touching moment for a show that revolves around Gunpla battles, and Reiji liked how Sei grow into a fine builder and fighter before returning to his kingdom. Of course, Reiji wouldn’t be alone as Alia tagged along back to the Arian Kingdom.

Other than the ending, it seems that I enjoyed watching Gundam Build Fighters which is better than Gundam AGE which fits well with the kid-friendly nature as well as having mythological nods to the franchise. Speaking of nods, I wonder if Takeshi Iori’s previous identity is none other than Shiro from Plamo-Kyoshiro, since he has a Perfect Gundam? But then again, who knows…

Anyways, that’s the end for Winter 2013. I’ll see you next time for Spring 2014!

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