Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #01

Hey guys, there are two choices for this light novel adaptation from Kodansha.

1.) It’s just an ordinary rom-com anime
2.) It’s the anti-thesis of NouCome

If you choose the first one, tough luck ’cause it’s the wrong answer…

But for those who took the second choice, you got it correctly ’cause this show is the anti-thesis of NouCome. Unlike NouCome where Kanade can’t run away from making a choice, Gaworare follows a story of a guy named Souta Hatate who can see flags on top on someone’s head and he can either take it or break it.

Most of the time, he avoids them by saying negative things so their flags will be broken, never to interact with him ever again. However, there are some characters whose flag is so hard to break that it keeps popping up.

One example is Akane Mahougasawa who is so persistent on Souta that her flag keeps coming back. Oh yeah, and you’ll notice that her “Desu!” tic is annoying despite Ai Kayano voicing this character.

So, the only solution for this matter is to conquer Akane. Yes, he does that by kissing on the lips. By the way, Souta is also similar to Keima where the difference is that while Keima is a dating sim god, Souta is just Souta.

Well, it’s not like he can see the ending, kiss the girl, and move onto the next heroine…

But anyways, that’s the gist of Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara. Join me next week as Souta is trying to break some flags and becoming a lone wolf!

By the way, that blonde girl who kicked Souta to the face? That’s Nanami Knight Bladefield (also seen in the first pic) who doesn’t show any flags when confronting Souta, yet she’s interested in Souta’s “flag seeing” abilities. In any case, she’s the typical tsundere character!

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