Little Busters! EX Episode #03

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final episode for Saya’s arc in Little Busters! EX. As they dig deeper into the underground, Saya and Riki are getting closer since the expedition started.

Of course, they’ll have to work together to overcome obstacles and other nasty traps along the way. By the way, the Keyblade featured in Little Busters! is useless… and it’s shaped like a modern key!

On the other hand, since they’re getting closer to each other, they got their first kiss… and their first time!

Then again, it’s not an ero-anime so they don’t go any further than that! However, it seems that Saya is getting flustered after what happened earlier… She even speak gibberish!

But anyways, they reached the final obstacle. Once they conquered it, they can finally get the revolutionary treasure.

However, what surprised them is that they encountered the leader of the Executive of Darkness, posing as the final obstacle!

Actually, that guy is none other than Kyousuke wearing a mask! What the hell is he doing here anyway?

But nevertheless, Saya fought the leader of the Executives in a deathmatch…

…while Riki watch helplessly as the fight came down in the wire. It was later found out that Saya was killed and mysteriously turn back time, meaning that Riki was stuck in a time loop for some reason.

I guess that it’s not the end of Saya’s story. But man, it was a twist that her arc involves around time loop and it seems that Riki is urging to break the loop in order for Saya to have a happy life.

But in any case, it’s on to the next episode for the conclusion of Saya’s arc!

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