No Game No Life Episode #01

Hello guys, here’s a question. What if those two siblings, an 18 year old virgin with reflexes that exceeds that of Kirito and a Mashiro-expy who traded her artistic skills for ambidextrous beyond pro-level gaming brilliance, transported to another world where disputes are determined by games?

The answer: You get this “No Game No Life” light novel anime series by Madhouse. It’s basically Mondaiji Tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo? with elements of Yu-Gi-Oh!, except that there’s no fighting baddies like a badass (unfortunately for now) and instead beat them strictly by games on a technicolor environment.

Sure that they play game to determine who’s the ruler or getting some gold coins from the opponent. However, there are rules that must be adhered as stated by the King of Games Tet. I’m gonna say Atem (or Yugi), but what I’m saying is that if you caught cheating, you lose… unless you’re good at hiding your foul play.

But anyways, it’s on to the next episode where Sora and his little sister Shiro are going to help a naked princess from taking her kingdom back. By the way, she lost to a cheater and that’s why she lost her clothes.

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2 Responses to No Game No Life Episode #01

  1. czai says:

    somehow it makes me wonder why she didn’t do anything about Kurami’s cheating, I remember Sora telling her that Kurami’s cheating…

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