Captain Earth Episode #02

“The power is yours!”

Captain Planet’s catchphrase aside, it’s a good thing Daichi beat a Kill-T Gang alien robot on his first try!

On the other hand, damn that female Kiil-T Gang member has a huge, partly-exposed rack! Well, can’t blame the fanservice since the characters are designed by a h-manga artist.

But anyways, Daichi finally saw his long-lost friend Teppei and the mysterious girl Hana. At first, they’re under surveillance by the Salty Dog organization, meaning that they can’t go out to public places ’cause they’re aliens.

However, thanks to Daichi blasting their restraining device with his trusty gun called Livlaster, they set them free to see Daichi’s boomerang trick. Yeah, they’re just to see their friend’s amazing boomerang throws!

Even though Daichi let them live as they pleases, it seems that Salty Dog won’t let Daichi mess around even further. In any case, I can’t wait for next week to see if those bastards have given up on Daichi.

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  1. mexu2d says:

    I love the opening song. 🙂

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