Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #02

This is Sakura, a mysterious girl who gave Souta the ability to see flags after a chess match. It’s also important that Souta’s meeting with Sakura changed the course of his life.

Speaking of his life, Souta was the only survivor from a sinking cruise ship called Premium Anberial. Whether his flag-seeing abilities are a blessing or a curse is up to you.

Anyways, this episode will have a total makeover in Souta’s wrecked dormitory. Here, the “old lady” of the school Tsumugi Ryuukishibara, and student council president Mimori Seiteikouji, are going to turn Quest Dormitory from a derelict building…

…into a mansion! Unfortunately, they’ll going to wreck it again unless the dormitory is occupied by 5 students.

By the way, I’m surprised that Aki Toyosaki could have an old lady voice. I guess her future looks bright!

Take Kikuno Shoukanji, who is Souta’s long-lost childhood friend/big sister. And by the way, not only she’s older than Souta, but she’s “big” in her chest!

Then again, I wonder who has the biggest boobies on this anime?

And lastly, there’s Megumu Touzokuyama who’s not like an expy of Charles Dunois. In short, Megu is a boy who looks like a girl. Heck, Kana Hanazawa’s voice made Megumu’s gender ambiguous at first.

In any case, these two new characters, plus Nanami Knight Bladefield and Akane Mahougasawa, will accompany Souta as tenants of the Quest Dormitory so he won’t be lonely. Of course, it seems that Souta’s problems are piling up after this episode.

Alas, that would be it for Gaworare. Next week will have more girls joining Souta’s harem party!

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