Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #14

These two from the Round Table are Charlemagne and Hannibal. They’re here to turn the Eastern Star into an inferno!

Also joining them are Cesare Borgia and Magellan. The former might do something important, the latter is just chilling out in space!

Anyways, Charlemagne and Hannibal have arrived not only to unleash hell but to steal all of the Regalia for King Arthur. They’ll do anything to get what they want…

…even capturing Ranmaru while freezing the Owari inhabitants to death! I guess honor is meaningless when you want to get something so badly.

At this point, Nobunaga’s army is at a pinch…

…but that’s when Gaius Julius Caesar arrived to save the day. Yeah, you may thank Ichihime for being motivated to turn against the Round Table.

Heck, Caeser even made her cake earlier on this episode, which makes Mitsuhide more miserable!

Also joining the fray is Kenshin Uesegi and his Giant War Armor Vishra, who not only curb-stomp Hannibal…

…but he landed a near-fatal blow on Charlemagne. Good thing he returns ’cause I’m worried that he’ll be irrelevant in future episodes.

Anyways, goodbye Charlemagne. I hardly knew ya! Well. at least your beloved Hannibal will avenge your death.

But then again, it wasn’t meant to be as Cesare Borgia has literally back-stabbed Hannibal to her death. We hardly knew ya too, Hannibal!

Come to think of it, seems that the Round Table not only act without honor, but they’re backstabbers because of their envy towards each other. Perhaps that at the end of the day, King Arthur will be the only one left standing.

For now, I think Nobunaga will have to save Ranmaru (or Jeanne d’Arc) before Cesare would do something nasty on her. Good thing he got Ranmaru’s Regalia, or the Fool will get himself at a disadvantage!

With that, it’s on to the next episode… And by the way, that second song by JAM Project will make you pumped up to see more (and put Nobunaga: The Fool in future installments of Super Robot Wars).

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2 Responses to Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #14

  1. Rararame says:

    Is it just me or are the good guys incredibly incompetent? So much for working as a team after a whole cour.

    • benigmatica says:

      Patience, please… The Oda Clan will do something.

      If you’re not impressed nor amused, just keep your comment on yourself. The only thing that amuses me right now is how the Round Table are a bunch of backstabbers, plus Uesugi and Caesar!

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