Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #02

Unlimited Blade Works, perhaps?

Anyways, let’s continue from last week’s episode where after saving Chaika from being run over by a horse, Tohru and Akari decided to help her steal an artifact from a wizard named Roberto Abarth.

Oh yes, and before you’re planning to infiltrate his mansion, don’t forget that he can control the whole house as it’s an extension of his body.

But, since both Tohru and Akari are saboteurs, not to mention having Iron Blood Transformation, they can trap Abarth and steal the treasure away from his grasp.

And look, here’s Chaika stealing the treasure in which it look what appears to be the severed hand of Iseei Hyoudou.

Just joking, it’s a severed hand of a famous emperor, and a powerful wizard to boot!

With that said, they completed the mission and Chaika will have to pay the siblings for their service.

I guess it’s the end of Hitsugi No Chaika. Unfortunately, it seems that it’s not the end of the story just yet!

In fact, this group who call themselves the Post-War Restoration Agency, wants to take custody of Chaika and the severed magic hand.

And the reason why they’re doing it? It’s because Chaika is a princess of a mad wizard emperor named Arthur Gaz who turned the whole world into chaos using his magic. Oh, and that severed left hand? That belong to the great demonic Emperor Gaz, which would cause chaos and ruin if mishandled.

Well, it looks like it’s gonna be one hell of a chase, just like Scrapped Princess! Hell, even Tohru is okay with it since he’s bored living in a peaceful life.

Anyways, the real fun begins next week… and I hope BONES would do it great!

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