No Game No Life Episode #02

So, this naked princess is named Stephanie Dola. She supposed to win in a game of poker, but unfortunately she lost to a sneaky cheater. That means, Steph lost her right as a ruler of her own country, loses her clothes…

…and to top it all, she becomes Sora’s lover after a game of rock-paper-scissors. Well, that’s sucks for that gullible princess!

But luckily, she’s not defiled ’cause Sora acted awkwardly towards women. C’mon, he’s a hikikomori and he’s dependent on his sister Shiro. Without Shiro, Sora is a sitting duck, cowering in fear!

That goes for Shiro too, who has the same predicament as Sora. By the way, Sora can’t have sex with her little sister ’cause you know that he might get arrested for pedophilia, despite living in a fantasy world where there’s no law forbidding child sex yet.

On the other hand, I wonder which person is going to get blackmailed by Shiro. It could be her brother, or Stephanie Dola? Who knows…

But anyways, next week will see both Sora and Shiro taking on this cheater named Kurami Zell, who just won the right to become the ruler of Elkia.

I don’t know what game are they going to play, but I hope it’s gonna be fun!

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