Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka? Episode #02

This is Chiya Ujimatsu, voiced by Satomi Satou in her sweet voice. Don’t expect her to play drums ’cause she’s a waitress in her family’s cafe.

Oh, and they don’t serve cake… They serve Japanese sweets like youkan, daifuku, and anmitsu. All I can say is that Japanese sweets are unique and they taste great too!

But anyways, now that Cocoa has befriended Chiya, it’s time for her to show Chiya how to make bread. Sorry Merry Nightmare, but she won’t make you doughnuts.

Oh, and you think that she’s a ditz? Nope, she’s good at making bread and latte art, well except for finding her way back home.

Afterwards, Chiya invited Cocoa and the rest of Rabbit House to her family cafe called Ama Usa. They also have a rabbit of their own and it’s attracted to Tippy, which houses the soul of Chino’s grandfather.

Oh yeah, and if you’re thinking that Tippy is male thanks to Chino’s grandfather’s voice, I’m disappointed to tell you that Tippy is female. No wonder Chiya’s pet rabbit Anko is attracted to Tippy.

Now then, I hope the next episode will introduce the next girl!

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