Captain Earth Episode #03

I have a confession to make… This guy from the Salty Dog company is a bane towards Teppei and Hana’s road to freedom.

And you know what, his asshole logic is the reason why Teppei can’t pilot the Earth Engine anymore.

So, Tsutomu Nishikubo decided to fuck off and slam him shut! Thank you for saving both Teppei and Hana! Still, the Salty Dog company won’t give up that easily.

In fact, they allied themselves with the mysterious Ark Faction, which they don’t like having Daichi saving Earth from the Kill-T Gang, as well as having ulterior plans on Teppei and Hana.

Anyway, let’s go to the brighter side on this episode as a new character will be joining the Globe organization.

This is Akari Yomatsuri, the self-proclaimed “magical girl” who help Daichi back in Ep. 2. She’s good at hacking and she’ll be living together with her father Tsutomu Nishikubo since her mother, Governor Tsubaki Yomatsuri, is in Tenkaidou.

Oh yes, not only Akari will live with her father, but also Daichi, Teppei, and Hana. C’mon, you don’t want those kids molested by the Salty Dog company.

But hey, at least it’s lively and you got breathing space! Too bad that you won’t have any amenities like hot water.

Oh, and BTW, have some restraint… Even though they’re free, they need to know that they’re living under one roof!

Meanwhile, seems that Amara is going to avenge Moco’s lost from last week’s episode. He’s stronger than any of the Kill-T Gang members so far…

Coupled with the Earth Engine having 75 percent power since it’s not being maintained yet, and you get a curb-stomping from Moco’s boyfriend.

Oh, and a little trivia for Amara. He’s also responsible for killing Daichi’s father 9 years ago. But anyways, I think Daichi is going to lose and get killed.

But that’s until Hana and Teppei saved the day, as repayment for saving them last week. Oh yes, and Teppei is piloting Albion, who was once part of Kill-T Gang as evidenced by Amara seeing it for such a long time.

Too bad that the Albion is siding with the good guys so bye-bye Amara! With that, Daichi is saved, and Salty Dog’s plan of disposing him failed. But you know what, I want that bastard from Salty Dog die in a fire on the next episode or later!

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