Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode #03

I have to admit, Tatsuya is the boss. Even though he’s a Course 2 student, his ninjutsu skills are enough to land him a job at the disciplinary committee. Good job!

Yes, he’s amazing and he didn’t break a sweat…

But, he’s nothing when it comes to Miyuki Shiba. Her brother complex is so extreme, that Miyuki appeared to her brother in her undies. Okay, she’s here for her check-up, but damn Miyuki is hot!

Then, Miyuki knock her brother out ’cause she’s jealous (as always) and Tatsuya didn’t see her as a woman. Good thing Tatsuya can regenerate himself, or he might be dead right now!

Nevertheless, Tatsuya is doing his best as a member of the disciplinary committee… He even attracted some people like the captain of the Kendo club.

Then again, Tatsuya is okay patrolling the school from troublemakers so let the Kendo club recruit someone else like Erika Chiba.

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