Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #03

This is Ruri Ninjabayashi, one of the newest members joining Souta’s party. As you can see from her family name, Ruri is a ninja… a ninja robot maid!

She’s here to help Souta in any way, just by saying yes/no when performing some tasks…

Of course, Ruri needs some maintenance and charging, and she’s prone to being glitched up. And you know how creepy her glitch is!

Another one joining Souta’s party is upperclasswoman Rin Eiyuuzaki. She’s an uptight girl who is also the ace of the archery club.

Also, Rin despise men because there’s no other man will ever stack against her. There’s only one who can toe-to-toe against Rin, and that was her childhood friend Souda.

Unfortunately, she later found out that Souda is actually Souta. Maybe it’s because “ta” and “da” can be switched sometimes. It’s similar to Kodaka Hasegawa from Haganai when Yozora (aka Sora) called him as Taka during childhood.

Speaking of childhood, Rin is similar to Yozora. The difference is that Rin has yandere tendencies which would turn Quest Dormitory into hell when she kills everyone.

But luckily, Souta can keep her yandere tendency in check by cutting her flag off. See, nothing bad will happen when you have Souta around.

Anyways, the next episode will have the tenants of Quest Dormitory compete in athletic events. And by the way, if they don’t win the competition, Quest Dormitory will be demolished and Souta will be expelled.

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