Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 Episode #03

You know what Umi-chan… You look great in a cheongsam dress!

Then again, her shyness never live it down just like in the first season… I guess you’re the next Mio Akiyama!

On the other hand, μ’s has finally met A-RISE face-to-face and they’re inviting them in a dance-off to see who’s better!

Psyche, A-RISE is inviting μ’s to use their venue since they’re having a hard time finding one.

Of course, their venue happens to be within A-RISE’s turf, specifically the rooftop of UTX Academy. Good thing it wasn’t a trap ’cause I’ll be hating A-RISE right now after μ’s accept the deal.

So anyways, A-RISE goes first and they’re outstanding in any way! The irony of this is while μ’s uses CGI, A-RISE’s dance sequence are animated traditionally.

It’s a given since A-RISE is composed of 3 members while μ’s has 9.

Afterwards, it’s time for μ’s to dance with their new song. I hope those students at UTX Academy don’t mind them dancing on their own turf, let alone heckling them.

Anyways, it’s gonna be one hell of a rivalry between μ’s and A-RISE. And you know what, it’s better than the matchup between WUG and I-1 Club.

With that, it’s on to the next episode…

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