Mekaku City Actors Episode #03

This is Kano, and he’s one of the members of the Mekakushi Gang. Oh yes, the leader of the gang is Kido who has the power to make her disappear.

Joining Kido and Kano are Marry and Seto. Marry can stop people by looking at them, Seto can read minds. With that said, these four individuals make up the gang and treat themselves as brothers-in-arms!

Speaking of brothers-in-arms, Momo has officially joined the Mekakushi Gang, and her first mission is to stop terrorists who hijack the department store back in Episode 1, and save the hostages…

…including her brother, Shintaro. Well, I’m thinking that he and his Miku-expy partner Ene will join the gang after this.

Likewise, I like how the gang acted behind the scenes and pulling this rescue off. And also, I like how the members act, especially Marry. Damn, Marry is so cute especially when Kana Hanazawa is voicing her.

Anyways, it’s off to the next episode… Maybe next week, SHAFT will introduce a new member!

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