Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #04

Today’s episode is the athletic meet where the tenants of Quest Hall are giving their all to become MVP and saving both the building and Souta-kun. However…

It seems that Souta is worried about himself as he has a death flag waving around his skull, not to mention that he can’t cut it by himself.

Oh yes, and I forgot to tell you back then, but Souta acquired the death flag from the very first episode right after saving Akane Mahougasawa from being killed thanks to her death flag.

Fortunately, Ruri Ninjabayashi stepped in to help Souta on cutting his death flag off. However, it’s no easy feat as he has to gather more members and find a way to cut it fast before his impending doom comes.

Since Souta has a princess knight (Nanami), mage (Akane), and a ninja (Ruri) in his party, he only needs a cleric to proceed. Maybe on the next episode after the athletic meet, Souta can find the cleric for his party.

But for now, Souta and his party became MVPs of the athletic meet, thus saving Quest Hall and Souta from demolition and expulsion, respectively.

Don’t say that they won by interference by the student council president. It’s just pure luck that made them champions!

Anyways, time to find the cleric next week! However, it seems that there’s an enemy lurking around Souta’s party… Let’s hope that Souta is safe from this masked adversary!

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