Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 Episode #04

Congratulations to μ’s for advancing to the next round of the second Love Live! competition. Oh yeah, and they almost didn’t make the cut if it wasn’t for Honoka’s bad dream!

Moving on to this episode where it’s dedicated to Nico Yazawa… AKA Super Idol Nico-chan!

Yes, she got what it takes to become an idol and she’s experienced despite being the only member of the idol research club (before Honoka and the rest joined the group). But she’s doing it for something important…

See those three kiddies behind Honoka? These three are Nico-chan’s little siblings and they’re super fans of Nico-chan.

Of course, putting her mates as backup dancers is so friggin’ wrong! No wonder they’re angry at Nico-chan (at first) for making a stupid lie.

In the end, she quits being a super idol and joined μ’s in order to help the team to the next round. It’s a good decision by Nico-chan ’cause her breasts might become big right now if she didn’t quit being a super idol. You know that Nozomi’s massage promotes breasts growth, or so I think!

Anyways, onto the next episode for more training!

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