Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #16

You know what, Machiavelli should be killed by Cesare Borgia by now. Then again, they need to work together for King Arthur unless the king dupes them!

Anyways, it’s time for Nobunaga and Jeanne to go back to the Star of the East after than unfortunate destruction of Domremy Village last week.

But hey, at least they’re safe and they have some time together like defying Nobunaga’s destiny as the Destroyer-King and such. Oh yes, and Jeanne is getting blushed when she’s with Nobunaga. Of course, they won’t be lovers soon afterwards.

On the other hand, they found an ancient ruins beneath Domremy Village. It goes by many names such as Pillars of Heracles and Ama-no-Hashidate, but I’m going to call this as Stairway to Heaven.

This Stairway to Heaven is the only way to get back to the Star of the East, as well as being a key component on finding the elusive Holy Grail.

For now, Nobunaga and Jeanne are rescued and returned to the Star of the East. They’ll deal with the Holy Grail in future episodes…

Of course, not everyone we’re rescued though as Gaius Julius Caesar left behind after fighting Cesare Borgia.

Oh, and he got Mitsuhide Akechi too, which is gonna be interesting for next week’s episode as Mitsu is going to engage Caesar in a scuffle since Caesar got Ichihime as his bride.

Don’t let your jealousy take you over just like Bizon, Mitsuhide!

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