Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka? Episode #04

Remember kids, always eat your vegetables and sleep early so you will get taller! Still, it’s up to Chino and Cocoa-chan if they want to get taller by eating (or drinking) healthy foods like celery and tomatoes.

BTW, tomato is a fruit and don’t try Itoshiki-sensei’s method of getting taller. It’s bad!

Anyways, today’s episode is all about fortune-telling as Chino-chan uses coffee stains to see whether you’re lucky today.

Actually, Chino’s grandfather Tippy knows better than Chino when it comes to “cafe-de-mancy”.

Unfortunately for Cocoa-chan, this ain’t her lucky day as she got splashed, getting her skirt flipped, and losing her lunch thanks to Chiya’s pet rabbit Anko.

Well, I guess you’ll have to be careful on Tippy from now on…

But on the flip side, you can become a lawyer, baker, and a barista at the same time! Just remember to study hard and don’t be a ditz.

Oh well, at least Cocoa-chan will be back to normal on the next episode…

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