Mekaku City Actors Episode #04

This is Konoha, who might join the Mekakushi Gang later. Right now, he’s a bit sleepy and sober!

For these two kids, Hiyori Asahina and Hibiya Amamiya… I don’t think they’ll join the gang in the future.

So while the gang rescues both Shintaro and Ene at the department store, here’s another story to tell…

Specifically Hibiya Amamiya, a.k.a. the young country boy from Ep. 2. As you can see, he was invited by his childhood friend Hiyori on staying at the city. However, he somewhat have bad luck that his father rejected him from going to the city.

Oh yes, Hibiya is being friend-zoned by Hiyori ’cause she has a crush on Konoha. So sad to hear that…

And finally, Hibiya got hit by a truck and died on this episode in which Hiyori supposed to die instead. Still, this guy deserve a reward for saving his childhood friend. We hardly knew ya Hibiya… or is it?

By the way, this episode is starting to become a proper series based on the source material. I don’t know if previous episodes has some of Jin’s songs, but it looks like SHAFT inserted the most famous song from Kagerou Project called “Kagerou Daze”. Unfortunately, I feel that I like the original Miku version better than the one being made by a professional singer.

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