Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara Episode #05

Nanami, I know you’re happy that Souta and the rest of the party are away for a group date, but please consider this… You might be very, very lonely inside Quest Hall!

Anyways, Souta dates with three girls and one Megumu, all while Ruri excavates deep inside Quest Hall!

What Ruri finds deep inside the dormitory was a chamber that houses a chest. However, the only way to open it (and possibly get rid of Souta’s death flag) is to gather his party and open the chest together.

Right now, he doesn’t have a mage yet so good luck finding her Souta-kun!

On the other hand, it seems that another character appeared that might pose a threat on Souta’s life. After all, he has a death flag!

But you know what Souta, you can cheat death by resigning your humanity and become a Magius! Then again, Sakura might put him that is worse than death.

Anyways, the search for the mage continues next week… I hope!

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