Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 Episode #05

This episode won’t have Honoka, Umi, and Kotori dancing around the stage. In fact, they’re stuck in Okinawa where they enjoy themselves at the beach!

So, μ’s decided to make Rin-chan as the interim leader since Eri and Nozomi are busy on their student council work.

However, it seems that Rin is very hesitant to become a leader because she’s not that girly-looking and she can’t decide on her own. C’mon Rin, it’s your time to shine! Why do you have to be so negative?

But thanks to Kayo-chin and the rest, Rin-chan mustered all of her courage and show that she can be a leader! Heck, she wears a beautiful dress during their performance at a fashion show, which suited her better!

And that is today’s episode of Love Live! But did you notice something when watching this episode? Well, it seems that Sunrise animate their stage performance by hand, albeit in a shorter scale.

I think they could pull it off with just CGI, but I guess it’s their pride that they animate the sequence traditionally.

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