Kimi no Iru Machi Episode #13

Hello guys and girls, it’s been almost a year since KNIM aired in Summer 2013.

Although it’s kinda sucked that they Gonzo didn’t start the series from the beginning, not to mention that it’s short with 12 episodes, I think that my conscience is telling me to wrap up KimiMachi by watching the OVA series made by Gonzo.

So, this episode revolves around Haruto’s friend Akari Kaga. Like Yuzuki, she came from the city and she moved to Hiroshima for a change of pace.

At first, Akari doesn’t have friends because she’s half-Japanese, half-Russian.

But overtime, Akari got friends in the form of Takashi Yura and Haruto Kirishima, which they hated Akari at first ’cause they lost the her… a lot!

Regardless, Akari’s friendship with the boys carried on through middle school.

Unfortunately, their friendship almost come crashing down when Yuzuki came to Haruto’s life. Personally, I think Akari is right that Haruto should move on to his life and stay in Hiroshima.

Of course, it took a long time before Akari gives Haruto a go to chase Yuzuki to Tokyo. And you know what happens afterwards in the TV series, it took them a long time for Haruto to be Yuzuki’s boyfriend once again. He should have dated Nanami, Akari, or Asuka instead… I blame you Yuzuki!

Anyways, it’s time for the conclusion of Kimi no Iru Machi. Ironically, this is where Gonzo is good at… Making sure that the ending corresponds to the manga, whether it’s good or bad.

By the way, that kiss from Akari? That’s a friendly kiss so there’s nothing intimate about it.

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