Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #17

Well, looks like Nobunaga has returned to the Star of the East thanks to Himiko. Unfortunately, she feels a bit ill mostly because she uses her priestess powers.

But hey, at least they have their time together like talking about their first meeting. You know that Himiko won’t back down when it comes to her betrothed. I mean, she’s in love with Nobunaga ever since she laid her eyes on the fool.

Then again, I’m worried that she might not live longer to see her love come into fruition.

Meanwhile, you know that you’re expecting a banter between Caesar and Mitsuhide. Well, here it is and it’s mostly one-sided in favor of Caesar, telling Mitsuhide that he’s not worthy for Ichihime as well as not having the resolve to wield a Regalia.

Good thing Mitsuhide didn’t start a fight against Caesar inside the carriage ’cause he’s gonna need his help on escaping. But you know what, Caesar’s right on Mitsuhide. I think Mitsuhide needs to man up if he’s serious on having Ichihime back.

Anyways, the next episode is getting serious as King Arthur declares a crusade and invades the Star of the East.

And by the way, I don’t like his face for some reason not only because it’s not consistent with the rest of the characters, but its design is somehow reminds me of those seinen manga characters.

Then again, Alexander the Great doesn’t care as he’s overjoyed upon seeing King Arthur’s face! Oh well, on to the next episode…

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