Black Bullet Episode #05

Although the Hiruko pair threat is over, there’s no rest for Rentaro and his buddy Enju. In fact, he’s been caught in a crossfire between Miori Shiba…

…and Kisara Tendou. Good thing they didn’t wreck his place ’cause he might pay a lot on his rent when that happens.

But anyways, it’s another day in Tokyo Area… and Rentaro got a job as a bodyguard to Seitenshi-sama. Although the Gastrea threat is still looming, he and Enju will have to deal with assassinations and sabotage.

In fact, Rentaro will have to deal with troublesome leaders across Japan like President Saitake from the Osaka Area, who is planning to unify Japan by any means… even assassination.

Oh yes, and speaking of assassination, it seems that Rentaro met this assassin earlier named Tina Sprout. Now I don’t know if she’s related to President Saitake, but all I know that she’s a Cursed Child and she’s plotting on assassinating Seitenshi-sama.

Anyways, it’s gonna be the longest day of Rentaro’s life as his bodyguard duties continues next week! By the way, Tina Sprout has a case of narcolepsy in which she’s sleepy during the day. And yes, she’s cute to be killed off!

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