Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #05

If you’re searching for the remaining heroes, always remember to have a companion with you or you might get into trouble with shady people.

Oh, and don’t let your dragoon rampaging the town as well! By the way, that’s how Chaika learned it the hard way.

Oh, and one last thing… Frederica disappeared after Tohru threw her away. You bastard saboteur!

Today’s episode introduces… a clone of Chaika. What a surprise there given that Emperor Gaz should have used his knowledge of creating clones of himself, rather than making daughters and do the dirty work of retrieving his remains.

By the way, since there are two Chaikas, let’s call this short-haired clone as Chaika Bohdan.

Unfortunately, Chaika Bohdan is being treated horribly by two saboteurs. You know that they’re planning to stuff her with fried worms and insects, then cook her for a meal that lasted a day. You bastard saboteurs!

Just kidding, Tohru and Akari won’t do that until they find Chaika Trabant.

Speaking of Chaika Trabant, she’s being treated well by two goons. I know that they won’t sell her to a slave trader that easily, right? Maybe… unless they want their short-haired Chaika back!

Anyways, on to the next episode as Tohru and Akari are trading Chaika Bohdan away for a Chaika Trabant! Of course, it won’t be easy though as Gillette and his restoration team are intercepting them.

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