Selector Infected WIXOSS Episodes #01 – #06

“Make a deck with me and become an Eternal Girl!”

And so I’ve decided to blog WIXOSS because it’s getting more interesting for some reason other than selling cards by Takara Tomy.

For one, it’s getting depressing since it’s a Madoka clone after all. For another, WIXOSS will have a second half coming up. Let’s hope that the second half airs in Fall 2014!

So, the plot revolves around Selectors where they engage in a card battle to become the prestigious Eternal Girl. However, if you lose three times, not only you lose your partner called LRIG, but your wish will be corrupted. Sounds reasonable enough for a depressing anime like WIXOSS.

However, there are some exceptions. For starters, the main character Ruko Kominato has no dreams nor wishes of her own once she receives her LRIG buddy Tama. After receiving her LRIG, Ruko and Tama becomes the blood knight of the series by battling other Selectors for fun no matter what circumstances the opponent will have.

In fact, my hunch says that Ruko might destroy the world she lived in and recreate it in her own image.

Now it’s time to introduce the rest of the Selectors as most of them are either deranged or have gone into despair.

Let’s start with Yuzuki Kurebayashi whose wish is to be with her twin brother Kazuki. Now, it’s impossible for Yuzuki to be in love with her brother because it’s taboo, but she’ll do anything even if she kills everyone… and then rape Kazuki to death.

Second one is Hitoe Uemura who wanted to have friends. Well, that’s a simple wish… Unfortunately, she lost the right as a Selector and she’s beginning to experience despair by not having friends.

You know, it would be better if Hitoe quit playing WIXOSS since she’s beginning to make friends with Ruko and Yuzuki. But alas, she lost the game!

Oh yes, there are also jerkass Selectors too like Akira Aoi whose wish is the become more popular than Iona Urazoe. As you can see, she’s a bitch in pristine model clothing!

However, said Aki-lucky got an unlucky breakdown after she lost to Ruko in Episode 6…

…which is then followed by a final beating by Iona herself. Serves her right for beating Hitoe back in Episode 2! To be fair, Akira’s career is in decline at this point anyway so Iona ended her misery afterwards.

Oh yes, speaking of Iona, her wish wasn’t revealed as of Episode 6.

So was this new girl named Chiyori, who is just starting her journey as a Selector. Too bad that Chiyori lost to Yuzuki so she should be careful from now on…

I don’t know what wishes did Iona and Chiyori made, but I hope that it’s not selfish once they revealed it in future episodes.

For now, enjoy the suffering that is WIXOSS. Can you see how Tama enjoys slaughtering girls and their dreams? You know that Takara Tomy is getting a nervous breakdown on what they have done!

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